I’ve been obsessive about building for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I built tree houses, massive castles made of legos, and a greenhouse full of different plants, mushrooms and garage equipment. Sounds cool, right? Well, it wasn’t that cool the time the unstable tree house fell to the ground. But that is a story for a later occasion. Eventually, my passion changed from building legos to building dreams. During high school, I discovered something that changed my life direction and really got my juice going. Drum rolls, please…

I stumbled across entrepreneurship. Oh, only that, Michelangelo…

I will never forget my first impressions of Berlin. It was during a cold and foggy winter morning, riding a lime scooter to the renowned start-up event TechCrunch Disrupt, hosted in an old industrial building in Kreuzberg, a hip neighbourhood in the south-west of the city.

During my short twenty-minute ride, I experienced a thousand different sensations, and my artistic sense reached cloud-nine in a burst of a second. I saw everything, from huge parks, graffiti and unconventional street art, modern penthouses, and to a cosy Christmas market. All in the same place.

I felt like the city was created…

I’ve spent a month figuring out how to put my thoughts into words. The feeling of spending countless hours staring blankly into a white doc hurts deeply. I tried numerous times to write something meaningful, but with no success. Not even a single word. Is it a simple act of writer’s block? Maybe. Or have I lost my ability to write? Yes, and no. For a while, I felt like a failure, but I refused to give up.

The truth is that sharing this story is not easy. At first, I was not even sure I should write it in…

San Francisco- the epicentre of corporate venture capital activities.

Michelangelo: Hey, listen up! This article is completely different from the rest I’ve written.

Everyone else: Do you mean this one will finally be without cliché quotes, lousy humour, and venture capital jokes?

Michelangelo: Well, I would phrase it a bit differently, but that’s pretty accurate indeed.

Everyone else: Mhm, interesting, but explain us what you mean by different then.

Michelangelo: Not so fast cowboy, let me first tell you a story.

I felt nervous, and the clock was ticking at an incredible pace.

In a few minutes, I will interview one of the leading venture capital firms in the…

A KPN Ventures Market Insight Report

The increased adaptation of cloud computing/hosting enables enterprises in all verticals to scale their operations to new heights. Previously, businesses needed expensive on-premise hardware and local software/application deployment. But, with the introduction of cloud-based infrastructure solutions, companies can flawlessly scale up or down their IT infrastructure and deploy resources over multiple locations from a central source with increased flexibility and availability.

Digital transformation to the cloud allowed companies to lower their IT costs significantly, enhance their continuity of operations, obtain the most up to date technology standards, collaborate freely and reduce maintenance efforts. But…

My favourite building in Berlin, the television tower.

Michelangelo: Raise your hand if you have ever done something completely spontaneous?

Everyone else: Mhm, we don’t have time for stupidity. But tell us, what did you do?

Michelangelo: The best memories are created that way, and you guys should try being more spontaneous by time to time.

Everyone else: Don’t tell us that you went to another of these stupid networking events, full of people selling you stuff you don’t need.

Michelangelo: Absolutely, not. This time is different, I promise.

A month ago, I was returning from work in a desperate quest for a place to eat. I was…

Since we began our operations in 2015, we have participated in 16 direct investment and seven fund investment across Europe, Israel and the United States. Besides access to capital, we provide strategic value — something that has proven to be fruitful for our portfolio companies and us. However, what do we precisely considered to be of strategic value? In this article, we want to demonstrate what impact we have on our portfolio companies and demystify what it means to be a strategic value-added investor. …

A KPN Ventures Research Series Report

Most of us remember the rapid growth of blockchain technology and their transformation into a well-known buzzword between 2017 and 2018. During this hype-cycle Bitcoin reached an all-time high of almost $20,000 growing at a staggering 1700% in one year. The overall optimism toward this innovative technology had no end to be found, but the market stagnated in mid-2018. However, the technology has outlived the hype and now displays strong signals of challenging the status quo across industries. Yet, concrete applications for blockchain technologies are still in their early stages. …

One of our offices is located in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Everyone: Oh, you one of those folks in a desperate hunt for the next Facebook. What a try hard!

Michelangelo: Well, finding the next Facebook is close to impossible. But yes, we look for the next big wave of technology to determine the next industry disrupter.

Everyone: Blah blah, please tell us you were paid to say such a thing?

Michelangelo: No trust me; that is the truth.

Everyone: Honestly, we think you spend your days drinking nitro cold-brew coffee while reading the S1-document about WeWork (a.k.a community adjusted EBITDA). …

Michelangelo: Million-dollars isn't cool, you know what's cool?

Everyone: You?

Michelangelo: A billion-dollar!

Everyone: Stfu!

Must of you would have already guessed the title of this movie. But for those of you that don’t- oh boy, you are in for a show. But before we head straight into it, let me give you the back-story.

I was heading back from a conference in Amsterdam yesterday, and during the train trip back, I entered a flow of thoughts — Mark Zuckerberg was 19 years old when he founded Facebook.

Let’s spin back a couple of years, to 2004 to be precise…

Michelangelo Pagliara

Co-Founder @ ventureinsider | Start-ups | Venture Capital

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